How we work

Focused on specific customer requirements

We see it as our duty to provide top quality and individual customer orientation.
We help our customers through the entire cycle for implementing change, from defining targets and analyzing the initial situation through planning and implementing measures right up to results controlling.
We structure each phase to guarantee transparency and continuous dialogue with the customer.
We only become involved where it is really necessary, strengthening the internal resources of the organization so that changes are self-supporting where possible.


Organized in flexible networks

In our multi-disciplinary project-related teams we ensure to support our customers competently and in accordance with the state-of-the-art knowledge. Our experts share diverse professional backgrounds and further-qualification and so possess a variety of complementary skills including educational science, psychology, social and industrial science, business economics, information technology, and natural sciences.
In addition to all of the above, we are also a member of the international consulting network of the amontis consulting group.

We maintain our own professional and personal development by continual training, individual coaching, and peer supervision programs. We found our own understanding of consulting based above all on the basic approaches of systemic consulting and group dynamics.


The team

Udo Kempkes

Graduate in Educational Science


  • Studied educational sciences with main focus on further education

  • 2 yeas of additional training in group dynamics (ZAP/DAGG),

  • Projectmanager Level C IPMA, Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (German Society for

  • Project Management) and of the professional institution for graduates of educational sciences

  • (BV-PÄD) 1,5 years further certified training for systematic coach (ECA), IFS-Consulting GmbH, Essen Languages:

Professional Background

  • 4 years as head of the training center of a software company

  • 11 years as head of human resource development at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Center), Cologne Since 1986 trainer and consultant, in addition to main occupation 11 years as lecturer at the university of Essen and, in the meantime, university of Wuppertal, in addition to main occupation

  • 4 years as Partner inan organizational consulting company 2002 - 2011 lecturer atthe university of public administration, Speyer Since 1999

  • Managing Director and Partner of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, Cologne

Languages: German (native), English

Gabriele Gebhardt




Studied philosophy, social sciences and romance languages in Barcelona, Bochum, and Tours (Master of Arts)
Postgraduate studies in industrial sciences
Further courses of study in systemic consulting (IGST; Heidelberg), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP, Practitioner) team-centred interaction, and project management (Project Management Professional, PMP at the PMI, USA)
Member of the Project Management Institute (PMI, PA, USA)
Founding Member of the “Forum Systemische Beratung”, since 1999

Professional background

6 years as research associate and project leader at the Ruhr University of Bochum, institute of philosophy
Lecturer in professional further education, since 1990, in addition to her main occupation
Trainer and consultant since 1994
Managing director and partner in Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, since 1999
Lecturer at the Ruhr University of Bochum, institute of industrial sciences, since 2001

Languages: German (native), English, French, Spanish

Stefanie Wipperfeld

M. A.
Office Manager



2 years of apprenticeship as office communication clerk
at Bayer AG, Leverkusen
1 year of advanced training as foreign language correspondence clerk with the languages English and Spanish
at Bayer AG, Leverkusen
Studies in anthropology, English and education at the University of Cologne
(Master of Arts)

Professional background

2 years as secretary in the research & development department in the business unit consumer care at Bayer AG, Monheim
2 years as personal assistant to the chief of the research & development department at Sara Lee DE Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
2 years as secretary at Löhr & Partner, Training und Unternehmensentwicklung, Windeck
2 years as personal assistant to two managing partners at Delta Management Consultants GmbH, Düsseldorf
3 years of family management
Since 2009 office manager at Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, Cologne

Languages: German (native), English, French, Spanish

Dominika Seitz-Dasberg

Diploma in Educational Science

Qualification and Professional Background

  • Studied educational sciences with main focus on further education and adult education

  • 5 years lecturer at the university of Essen, faculty of education

  • 2 years of additional training in group dynamics (DAGG)

  • 5 years education officer and 2 years main education officer at the German Aerospace Center, Cologne (DLR e.V.)

  • 7 years head of the department Human Resources Development, GMD – Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik GmbH, Sankt Augustin

  • Since 1995 trainer and consultant

  • Since 1995 Senior Consultant of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, Köln

  • Since 2006 self-employed trainer, consultant and coach

  • Certified supervisor and organizational developer (EAP FPI)

  • Further training “Shared Responsibility Approach®“ mobbing intervention approach for companies, administration and school

  • Training as online-trainer, Blended Learning Academy

Languages: German, English

Elisabeth Singendonk

Senior Consultant


Qualification and Professional Background

  • Studied German language and literature, geography and education (teaching degree for secondary schools for German language and literature and geography)

  • Postgraduate studies as a personnel specialist

  • Further training in moderation, systemic consulting and transactional analysis

  • 2 years teacher at grammar school

  • 10 years personnel developer in different companies in the public service and in the free economy:

  • 4 years working in the range of aerospace

  • 4 years working in the range of broadcasting

  • 2 years working in the range of insurance

  • 3 years project manager at the German Aerospace Center Qualification as a solution orientated Coach

  • 2 years head of personnel development at WDR (german broadcasting cooperation)

  • Since 2001 Senior Consultant in Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung

  • Since 2004 self-employed trainer, consultant and coach​

Languages: German, English

Dr. Milos Jovanovic

Senior Consultant

Qualification and Professional Background

  • Studied modern and recent history, political science, information science and media studies

  • 2006 – 2011 PhD in information science

  • Since 2006 scientific officer at Fraunhofer INT in Euskirchen

  • Since 2007 lecturer for the department of information science for the fields project management and biblimetrics, university of Düsseldorf

  • Since 2011 Senior Consultant of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, Köln

  • Since 2015 deputy business unit manager; coordination and cooperation of FP7 projects

  • Since 2016 scientific group leader of the group “Tools and methods”; in charge of managing projects in the national and international context

Languages: German, English, Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin, French

Petra Dreimann

Diploma in Psychology


Qualification and Professional Background

  • Studied psychology, business administration and Lusitanian studies in Trier and Portugal

  • 5 years personnel officer in the department of education and human resources, Mercedes Benz AG, Stuttgart and Gaggenau

  • Parallel to fulltime-work lecturer at the university of Heidelberg, study programme ABO-psychology

  • 2004 – 2010 lecturer at the university of Heilbronn, chair in social psychology in the study course softwareengineering

  • Several years training in systemic family therapy, Institut für Systemische Familientherapie in Weinheim

  • Further training in group dynamics, TOPS Berlin

  • Training as security assistant ropes course (GRCA), Fa. Praxisfeld GmbH

  • Certification in project management IPMA/PMZert

  • Certification as professional scrum master (PSM I)

  • Since 1998 self-employed trainer, consultant and coach

  • Since 2001 Senior Consultant of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung, Köln

Languages: German, English

Philipp Firsching




  • Guest student in the USA, US-High-School Diploma in Preston, Idaho

  • Studied law with focus on intellectual property rights

  • Second state examination in law in Bayreuth/Nürnberg

  • Parallel to the traineeship: part-time work in the law office Beckmann & Blöcher, Bayreuth, as well as qualification as business mediator (CVM)

  • 6 years full-time work as department head, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, participation in extensive management development programme (topics e. g. leadership communication, change management, leading at a distance, leading employees with addiction and other conspicuousnesses)

  • Dealing with lowperformance in diverse cases

  • Personal adviser of a managing director, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund

  • 5 years work as volunteer judge at the social court Potsdam

  • Arbitrator at the board of arbitration III Brandenburg an der Havel

Languages: German, English

Ulrich Hoffmann

Qualification and Professional Background

  • Studied social sciences and English language and literature at the RWTH Aachen (1.state examination)

  • Since 1992 trainer and consultant with main focus on organizational development

  • Since 1999 Senior Consultant of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung

  • 3 years trainer training, Focus Team, Wuppertal

  • Additional trainings and courses in neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and group dynamics (GTF / DAGG)

  • 5 years lecturer in sociology and behavioural trainings in addition to the main occupation at the “Fachhochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung NRW, Köln” (university of applied sciences of public administration)

  • 4 years lecturer at the Adult Education Centre  eastern part of Belgium in Eupen, Belgium and activities in empirical social research for political parties and local administrations

  • Empirical social research work in the field of urban development, for the retail trade and communes/parties at municipal level

  • 5 years as research associate and project leader at the RWTH,  Institute of Sociology

Languages: German, English

Katja Wohlgemuth

Diploma in Business Economics


  • Studied business administration (FH) with focus on personnel management, instructor qualification certificate, Frankfurt/Main

  • Training as online-trainer, Blended Learning Academy Hamburg

  • Training as and assignment to master-trainer of personality, Heidesheim

  • 1 year training as systemic organizational developer, Neues Lernen, Köln

  • Intensive training for Human Resoruce Manager, ZfU Schweiz

  • Intensive training process management, ComTeam, Tegernsee

  • 2 years training as certified trainer and coach, Merz-Training, München


Professional Background

  • Since 2008 Senior Consultant of Kempkes.Gebhardt Organisationsberatung

  • Since 2008 self-employed trainer, consultant and coach

  • 2007 – 2008 Organizational development, AXA Service AG, Köln

  • 2002 – 2007 Family management / coaching of managers

  • 1998 – 2002 Head of personnel management and internal Communication and trainer, DZ BANK-Konzern, Frankfurt a. M.

  • 1997 - 1998 Management assistant, DZ BANK-Konzern

  • 1993 Administrator personnel development, VAW Aluminium AG, Bonn

Languages: German, French and English